Indian Railways is an Indian state-owned enterprise and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways.Railways were first introduced to India in 1853 from Bombay to Thane. It is one of the world's largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km (71,000 mi) of track over a route of 65,000 km (40,000 mi) and 7,500 stations. As of December 2012, it transported over 25 million passengers daily (over 9 billion on an annual basis).

Indian Raliways provide different ways for booking Railway tickets.Passengers can directly visit nearest railway station and buy there ticket or they can visit offical website of IRCTC ( for ticket booking .Train ticket contains from station and the destination station,number of passengers and date of journey and how many kilometers the journey is and the amount of the ticket and PNR number.

Check PNR Status

PNR number :
Eamplex: 1234567890

What is PNR?

A passenger name record (PNR) is a record in the database of a computer reservation system (CRS) that contains the itinerary for a passenger, or a group of passengers travelling together. The concept of a PNR was first introduced by airlines. PNR number is the unique ten digit code that is assigned to the traveler. PNR number is generated for the tickets who are booking either online or by physically at the station itself. You can find this number printed on the top left corner of your ticket. PNR has five parts that are essential in order to get a booking done. The five parts or requisites of PNR number are as follows.

1.Passenger(s) Name.
2.Travel Agent's Contact Details.
3.Details of Ticket (could be a ticket number or ticketing time limit).
4.Itinerary as a minimum of one segment that should be similar for all passengers listed.
5.Person's Name, who makes the booking.

In case you want to travel by reserved accomodation, which has to be quoted in order to know the Status of your ticket. You can use this 10 digit PNR number to track the progress of your booking. Basically, this is your ticket number which acts as the primary reference.Passengers can check PNR Status in many ways such as through sms and online.

Status Codes

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